Jonah Goldberg: Immortalized By Starbucks

Jonah Goldberg’s slogans will be appearing on select Starbucks coffee cups near you.

As somebody who has at times viewed caffeine the way that Keith Richards views smack, I am jealous of this on so, so many levels. (Actually, I think Jonah was a great choice, and I’ll look for his imprint next time I pickup a Caramel Macchiato.)


Update: When I read Jonah’s post in The Corner, I joked with my wife via IM that, “I assume they’ll have 20 liberal quotes to counterbalance him. But it’s pretty cool that they got Jonah to be their token conservative”.

After clicking around their Website, I think I was pretty close with the numbers, actually.

Tangentially Related Update: Speaking of having the deck stacked against you, this certainly qualifies.

One More Update: Heh.


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