America Gets Redder

Robert Novak writes that America’s red states are continuing to grow in size and power: growing populations equal growing power at the ballot box:

A projection by Polidata, a Republican-oriented political mapping and redistricting firm, shows population trends will make Republican-dominated “Red” states more influential in winning presidential elections and determining control of Congress after the 2010 census.

The new study forecasts that “Red” states will pick up a net six electoral votes, with Florida and Texas gaining three each. The “Blue” states carried by John Kerry, according to Polidata, will lose a net six electoral votes, led by New York’s loss of two. Under this distribution of electoral votes, George W. Bush could have been elected last November without carrying Ohio.

This projection points to probable Republican control of the White House and the House of Representatives far into the future. It makes more urgent the contention by Howard Dean, the new Democratic national chairman, that his party needs to do much better in “Red” states.


It’s only natural that their populations are growing: among numerous other reasons, blue state anti-business policies such as those that Governor Pataki are letting run roughshod in New York State, and those which Governor Schwarzenegger are trying to fight in California drive entrepreneurs out of their states–and into red ones.

(Via PoliPundit.)


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