Ed Driscoll

Advantage: Ed!

Well, Ed Morrissey, to be precise. On Friday, he presciently wrote:

the networks, which had yet to address the issue, now needed to report the resignation of the head of a news organization for a scandal they never reported to their viewers.

Today, Tom Maguire runs roughshod over the New York Times’ coverage–or lack thereof–of EasonGate:

The NY Times delivers a comedy classic as it attempts to explain to its readers that a prominent CNN executive has resigned under fire:

Eason Jordan, a senior executive at CNN who was responsible for coordinating the cable network’s Iraq coverage, resigned abruptly last night, citing a journalistic tempest he touched off during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, late last month in which he appeared to suggest that United States troops had deliberately aimed at journalists, killing some.

A “journalistic tempest”? This is the first story to appear in the Times! Geez, fashionably late to a party is one thing, but fashionably late to a journalistic tempest?

Read the rest–if only to be fashionable!