Ed Driscoll

That's Gotta Sting

Power Line compares RatherGate to Watergate, and says that Dan Rather’s role wasn’t comprable to Richard Nixon’s–but to Ron Ziegler’s!:

One of the eerie echoes of Watergate in the Rathergate affair is the four terminations — of CBS News Senior Vice President Betsy West; 60 Minutes Executive Producer Josh Howard; Howard’s deputy, Mary Murphy; and 60 Minutes producer Mary Mapes — with which CBS has now sought to end the scandal. Dan Rather is not pulling the strings here; perhaps Rather himself is only a bit player like Ron Ziegler. Could it be that Moonves or Heyward, and not Rather, is playing the role of Richard Nixon in the Rathergate scandal?

Rather really does continue to make Ted Baxter look better and better…