Ed Driscoll


La Shawn Barber and Jon Henke have detailed posts on the Armstrong Williams debacle, and Glenn Reynolds notes the US government’s history of paying off public opinion makers when necessary dating back to at least the FDR days.

I’m not sure what else I can add–other than seeing Williams interviewed once by Brian Lamb on C-Span and knowing that his column is (still) listed with other conservative opinion makers at Townhall.com, I never really followed his career.

Update: Betsy Newmark posts that on Saturday the New York Times was all over ArmstrongGate, but couldn’t be bothered to mention that Hillary Clinton’s former campaign finance director was indicted for illegal fundraising in her 2000 campaign. As Betsy writes, “Er, excuse me, but isn’t Clinton the senator from….er…New York? Wouldn’t that be a story of interest to the Times’ readers?”

Nothing like keeping the readers in the cocoon.