Top Scientists Warn: Fire Make Sea Gods Angry!

How bad and politically loaded has Reuters’ coverage of the terrible earthquake and tsunami gotten? Almost as bad as this satire by Iowahawk:

Washington, DC – Pointing to the devastating weekend Indian Ocean tsunami that left over 24,000 dead, an international blue ribbon committee of climatologists and ecoscientists today issued a stark warning that man-made pollutants have increasingly “make water spirits angry.”

The blunt conclusion prefaced a 2300 page meta-analysis of hundreds of scientific studies and computer models detailing links between human industrial activity and wrathful eco-deities. Entitled “Fire Bad: Fire Very Bad,” the report warns that the planet faces additional catastrophies unless drastic regulatory action is taken to appease Earthen-furies.

“Unclean money devils anger sacred water spirit Tai-Waku,” explained Martin Knudson of Scripps Oceanic Institute. “He now call angry to son the whale, ‘make slap with anger-tails! Bring vengeance-surf to villagers!'”


While most empirical evidence supports the theory of wrathful whale-tail slappings, some scientists are exploring alternative hypotheses for the weekend tsunami. Ecobiologist Jane Geary of UC Santa Cruz points to mounting evidence that the ocean spirit-world may have been driven to gastrointestinal rage by gas-guzzling SUVs.

“Thunder-wagon make smoke cloud of greenhouse gas,” explained Geary. “hungry Tai-Waku eat smoke from thunder-wagon, pass giant wind with mighty fury.”

Peter Novak, chief science officer of the Sierra Club, dismissed Geary’s “Divine Fart” theory, arguing it was more likely that SUVs had triggered the tsunami via a spirit underword sexual encounter.

“Wheels of thunder-wagons wake up Big Earth Spirit-Mother, make to crazy tingle in hairy child-place. She now go to water lair of Tai-Waku, make big angry love on tectonic plate,” said Novak. “Big Earth Spirit-Mother say, ‘if ocean rocking, don’t come a-knocking.'”

Although they disagree on the precise causes of the wrathful spirit world, scientists were largely unanimous in recommending immediate global regulatory action. Remedial steps suggested in the report include ratification of the Kyoto treaty, elimination of automobiles, volcanic altars for virgin sacrifices, creation of a sustainable urine-based economy, and improved faculty dental benefits.

“If not act now, it too late,” said report editor Paul Erlich of Stanford University.

Erlich, whose 1978 best seller “Ice Time Come Soon” is widely credited with saving millions of lives by warning of the massive age of glaciation that threatened Earth during the 1980s, said inaction might anger the spirit world further.

“Me not know when Tai-Waku make wrath again,” said Erlich. “Me need more grant money.”


Duane of Radio Blogger, who is Hugh Hewitt’s aide de tech, puts it more serious language:

You’ll forgive me if I and the family and friends of the victims of this disaster don’t want to subscribe to agenda-driven eco-political junk science right now. If the Earth’s temperature were one degree cooler at the poles, and the ice caps were a foot thicker, this earthquake would still have happened. The tsunami would still have been just as deadly.

These people need prayer, aid, and comfort right now. They don’t need to hear about fluorocarbons and CO2 levels could possibly, maybe, if the trends continue, make the effects of something this catastrophic even worse.

I’m beginning to think these eco-freaks are not even human anymore. They’re robotic. It doesn’t matter who lives or who dies. Whatever happens in the world, they must spin it into a way that suits their agenda, which is Earth-worship.

Reuters, shame on you…Again.

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