The Beauty of Blogger

For the first two years of its life, our blog ran on software provided by It wasn’t perfect, but it was quick and easy to set up, and got the job done.


How quick is it to set up? Via Hugh Hewitt, we find that there’s already a South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Weblog, with news, ways you can help, and links to photos.

The New York Times writes:

For vivid reporting from the enormous zone of tsunami disaster, it was hard to beat the blogs.

The so-called blogosphere, with its personal journals published on the Web, has become best known as a forum for bruising political discussion and media criticism. But the technology proved a ready medium for instant news of the tsunami disaster and for collaboration over ways to help.

They’re absolutely right. And as the Professor writes, “Nice to see people noticing”.

And Todd Pearson notes:

Instapundit and the Moderate Voice, among others, are acting as traffic cops to get the wider blogosphere directed to the bloggers on site. It is truly fascinating to witness.

Indeed, to coin a phrase.


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