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Via InstaPundit, we find that Technorati, the blog search engine, tracks over five million Weblogs.

As Glenn writes, “That’s rather a lot, really”.

It is. But that’s really not that big a surprise.

Back in March, a friend sent us a CNN story with the remarkably disingenuous headline, “Study: Very few bloggers on Net“, which we had lots of fun debunking over at Tech Central Station:

The Pew Internet and American Life Project, in a study released Sunday, found that somewhere between two percent and seven percent of adult Internet users in the United States actually keep their own blogs.

Let’s examine those numbers a little further! As I wrote on my own Weblog about the story, the numbers tell a very different story than its slant.

According to one study, there are 146 million adult Internet users in the US alone. The article claims that between two and seven percent of those Internet users keep blogs. If we round that number to five percent, it means that there are 7,300,000 Weblogs in the US alone. And that’s a lot of Weblogs!

This is the sort of cynical, “glass half empty/glass half full” story that bloggers love to parse, and many Weblogs had a field day with it. Scott Ott, the humorist whose Scrappleface Website is a Blogosphere favorite (in January of 2003, Ott coined the brilliant “Axis of Weasels” meme that later graced the cover of The New York Post), put things into sharp perspective. In one of his typical satiric news articles, he wrote that if only about two percent of Internet users actually write Weblogs, it means that there are more bloggers writing, than people reading USA Today (whose circulation is 2.6 million), The New York Times (1.6 million) or The New York Daily News (805,000).

Ott doesn’t mention CNN, but since the article most prominently appeared on CNN’s Website, it’s probably worth noting that in the US, CNN’s typically daily viewership is only about 450,000 viewers. (The Fox News Channel, the cable news ratings leader, gets an average of 799,000 viewers during their broadcasting day.)

Of course, if I were CNN, I’d be worried about having, in a manner of speaking, all of my viewers, and then some, owning Weblogs.

Hey, Max Headroom was only 15 minutes into the future. We’re a good nine months sometimes!

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