Ed Driscoll

Comic Relief: The Debate Expands

The debate that Power Line and I had on comic books continues to grow into a neat little inter-Blogosphere discussion.

In addition to several follow-up posts from other bloggers, Jonathan Last of The Weekly Standard and his own Galley Slaves blog sent me a very nice email with the comment “Great blog you’ve got” (thanks!) and forwarding me a link to a Galley Slaves post and a story he did on the subject for the Standard, which reinforces my initial take: comic books have become a rampantly PC-zone, with Marvel’s latest effort one the very rare exceptions.

Meanwhile, an Italian blogger has linked to it as well. This is how Bablefish translates his post:

Combat Zones.

Combat Will be called “Zones: True Tales of GIs in Iraq “the new series of comic strips published from Marvel Comics. The scenario of Combat Zones is written from Karl Zinsmeister, director ofthe American Enterprise magazine and envoy in Iraq in 2003. Powerline deepens the argument, but it underrates the accumulated advantage from the left American in the ‘ industry of the comic strip. In vent’ years, they explain And Driscoll and Conservative English Major, the liberal have conquered of fact this new medium. A reason in more in order emphasizing that the last baby of the Marvel represents one meaningful radical change of direction.

(I could probably smooth it out better than the Babelfish software, but why risk further compounding any mistranslations?)

And perhaps most importantly, Michael Turner, the Power Line reader whose email kicked everything off, sent the fellows at Power Line and myself an email praising our efforts, and writing, “thanks for letting your readers know about that comic“.

I’m happy to do my part–and I’m glad Power Line kicked off the debate with their initial post.