Ed Driscoll

Just Click Already

The next ten years of Internet-based journalism are laid out in this incredibly well done museum exhibit-style piece beamed back in time from 2014.

Reality won’t be nearly as clean, but I suspect this site gets more right than wrong. And as The Professor notes, “the news wars of 2010 were notable for the fact that no actual news organization was involved.”

Update: I had completely forgotten about this throwaway post from June of 2002, when I wrote that Seagate had announced a 120-gigabyte hard drive. I found it just now, after searching my site for something else I had written.

Two years ago, a 120-gig drive was big enough news that I felt compelled to blog about it.

The Friday before last, I installed double that–a 240-gigabyte hard drive–as a second drive in my PC, to hold all my music software (including both prerecorded loops that I’ve purchased, and new material that I’ve recorded). And that was only because my local computer store was out of 300-gig drives.

So I could easily see the technology that leads to the news wars of 2010 coming to pass.