A Really Big Shoe--Blog!

It’s really fascinating watching the Blogosphere change and evolve. Back in the late ’90s, I associated Weblogs with online personal diaries. Then came September 11th and the ascendancy of InstaPundit and other political and current events bloggers (like me)!


But as I’ve written before, a Weblog is just a platform–anybody can blog about anything.

Witness Manolo, the purveyor of what looks to be a mighty fine Weblog about…shoes.

And why not? Frankly, I’m surprised there aren’t more fashion-oriented blogs. (Or maybe there are, and I’m simply not aware of them–which wouldn’t be very surprising. Here’s another one, by the way.)

Now if I could just find a decent pair of suede monkstraps in a size 12D…

(Found via Technorati.)


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