The Sister Souljah Moment That Never Happened

Jonathan Last comes, surprisingly, to praise Senator Kerry, not to bury him, in his Weekly Standard column. Over at his blog, he writes:

My argument is that Kerry was a pretty good candidate who ran a flawed campaign. He was the probably the best option on the table for Democrats and, although he lost, he didn’t wreck the party, and by the way, it probably isn’t entirely his fault. I know, faint praise.

But I’d like to further posit that I don’t know if it’s going to be possible for any Democrat to win the White House with the crazy Michael Moore left hanging like an albatross around their neck. In order for the Democrats to become a viable national party again, they’re going to have to excommunicate the rabid, nutball left. And that’s going to require a pretty ruthless political mind.

Can a Democrat pull that off? Let me just say this, if Bill Clinton had been running in 2004, he wouldn’t have had a Sister Soulja moment–he would have a Michael Moore moment.


Moore sat next to Jimmy Carter at the Democratic National Convention this past summer–which gave Kerry the perfect opportunity for a slam dunk Sister Souljah moment–a chance, like Bill Clinton, to distance himself from his leftwing predecessors and declare himself a more moderate liberal. (I know, I know–but we’re talking symbolism here.) But then, he missed a few of those.

(Via Power Line.)


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