Ed Driscoll

The President And African-Americans

Yesterday, AP noted that President Bush’s popularity among black voters has doubled. Jim Geraghty has a round-up of quotes from various members of the DNC and concludes:

Ladies and gentlemen, I think this makes it official. The Democrats are worried about A) turnout in black communities and B) whether Bush will improve his numbers among blacks.

Clarence Page lists two big reasons why Bush’s numbers are up amongst African-Americans.

Meanwhile, Steve Green writes:

Add that to other recent polls showing that the Republicans’ “gender gap” with female voters has shrunk considerably. In a close race, it probably wouldn’t take many defections of women and African Americans to Bush to determine the outcome.

Steve’s dubious about the accuracy of these polls–and polls in general–but it’s interesting to note, as Geraghty does, Camp Kerry’s response to them.