Ed Driscoll

Draft Bill--And A Canadian Draft Monument--Defeated

As Hugh Hewitt writes:

The House GOP showed some smarts yesterday in calling up the Democrats’ propaganda bill –to reinstate the draft– and seeing it defeated by a vote of 402 to 2. The bill was introduced by Charles Rangel, Democrat from New York, and has sparked a dishonest campaign of fear around the country. Rangel voted against his own bill.

This may cause lasting damage to Democrats on the social security scare campaign as well. Smart GOPers will point to draftmongering and its repudiation whenever any Democrat tries to again scare granny about her social security check: “They are using the same old tired tactics of fear, just like they did with the draft. They wanted to scare some people about a draft coming back, just like they want to scare old folks into thinking their social security check isn’t coming. But Democrats got exposed on the draft because we called up their fake bill to reinstate the draft and beat it 402 to 2. We weren’t going to bring back the draft and we aren’t cutting your social security benefits. The Democrats lied about the draft and now they are lying about social security. Tell Democrats with your vote against them to stop trying to win elections with lies and scare tactics. And keep voting against Democrats until they clean up their act.”

Meanwhile, up in the Great White North, a bronze monument honoring American draft dodgers in British Columbia has been scrapped due to overwhelming American protest.