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More On Kerry's Iraq War Flop-Flip

Earlier today, we linked to Kerry’s latest take on Iraq. Back on August 10th, we wrote:

President Bush has gotten Senator Kerry to publicly state that he’d also have gone into Iraq, even knowing, as do today, that their capacity to produce WMDs was much more limited than we know now.

One of the commenters on the Brothers Judd Blog makes a great point: Kerry is now in a box. This is one opinion that he can’t flip-flop on, because if he does, President Bush can call him on it, via the Bully Pulpit–and the press, which has to cover the President of the United States, has to report it, no matter how much they loathe the man.


Today, Polipundit has this:

Quote of the Day

“After voting for the war, but against funding it, after saying he would have voted for the war even knowing everything we know today, my opponent woke up this morning with new campaign advisers and yet another new position.”

— President Bush

Polipundit agrees with my off-the-cuff remark earlier today, that “the fact that Kerry has flipped–yet again–on the Iraq war means that he may simply be trying salvage the anti-Bush, anti-American vote”. In a post titled, “Kerry Becomes Dean“, he writes:

John Kerry is now starting to sound like the anti-war protester he was 30 years ago…Because of backbiting from his panicked supporters, Kerry is giving into emotion. He has decided to follow his ultra-liberal heart and become the unabashedly antiwar candidate.


Time to hop in the tank with Massachusetts Mike!

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