Kerry Quagmire Watch

Jim Geraghty, linking to Bob Novak, writes that if Senator Kerry “doesn’t recover in the coming weeks, the late night rally in Springfield will be remembered as his ‘Dean scream’ moment.” The headline of the piece? “Years From Now, This Will Be Conventional Wisdom”.

Meanwhile, the fact that Kerry has flipped–yet again–on the Iraq war means that he may simply be trying salvage the anti-Bush, anti-American vote–because it leaves him wide open to be ridiculed again by President Bush for flip-flopping again and again.

Yesterday, driving around San Jose, which should be prime territory for a Democratic candidate who had decent chances, I noticed more anti-war/anti-Bush bumperstickers than actual Kerry stickers on cars (not that there were many of either, incidentally).

Of course, if the Senator is trying to shore up his base on Labor Day, he’s got a quagmire issue that’s got nothing to do with Vietnam. (I hear he served there, incidentally.)

One other example of a Kerry quagmire: The New York Times, David Letterman and Jay Leno are all ridiculing him. That’s about as conventional wisdom as the legacy media gets.



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