Ed Driscoll

He Coulda Been A Contendah

Imagine you’re John Kerry’s campaign manager. Imagine that your candidate gives an interview to GQ in which the following dialogue occurs:

Kerry tells Hainey that he had a telephone relationship with Marlon Brando in 1985 and 1986, during the contras: “He took a huge interest in it. And he would call me. He was always asking questions. And he’d give me advice. I took his advice on a couple of angles. A couple of points.”

This, while the Christmas in Cambodia/ferrying a CIA man/running guns stuff is only just now breaking in the mainstream press.

Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh starts riffing on Kerry as Marlon Brando to his 20 million listeners.

And James Lileks writes:

Perhaps the article has the details, and we will learn that Kerry based his pro-Sandinista policies on Mr. Brando