Ed Driscoll

Weather Channel Flash!

I just caught Cheryl Lemke, the fetching Weather Channel anchorwoman, reporting that the temperature of Hell has suddenly, and dramatically dropped to 32 degrees Fahrenheit/zero degrees centigrade.

The news comes as AP runs an article which compares John Kerry’s “secret plans” for Iraq to Richard Nixon’s to end the Vietnam war.

As Captain Ed writes:

In a sign that John Kerry may lose his last bastion of defense — a sympathetic mass media — the AP rips Kerry in an analysis of his “secret plan” to increase foreign troops and reduce American presence in Iraq. Ron Fournier writes that Kerry’s plan is not only reminiscent of Nixon, but that it’s ultimately irrelevant:

John Kerry (news – web sites) says he can “put a deal together” as president to drastically reduce U.S. troop strength in Iraq (news – web sites), a pledge reminiscent of Richard Nixon’s secret plan to end the Vietnam War and Dwight D. Eisenhower’s promise to stop fighting in Korea.

Like those Republican presidential candidates, the Democrat’s blueprint for peace lacks detail and has critics squawking. … But when asked for hard evidence that his victory would produce a troops-reducing deal for America, neither Kerry nor his fellow senators cite anything other than their vague perceptions and utmost hopes.

Fournier then shows how Foreign-Leader Syndrome (FLS) has escaped the Kerry campaign quarantine and has infected other Democratic partisan hacks like Carl Levin. Yesterday, Kerry invoked Levin and Joe Biden as two people who could verify his assertion that his mere presence would convince countries to act on our behalf despite all evidence that it would be contrary to their own interests (in their perception).

“In other words”, Captain Ed writes:

it’s complete drizzly horse patooties, a point Fournier hammers home in a venue where Kerry would expect more sympathetic treatment. Not only does Fournier expose the spreading FLS in the Democratic Party, but then also destroys Kerry’s assertion that his four-year plan will significantly reduce American troop presence in Iraq.

AP, up off their feet at last! Will it last? It might, if reporters feel as alienated by Kerry as “just folks” do–or if they feel that their guy truly is a stiff, and fear that their hopes of taking the White House back have been dashed. (Or if Kerry keeps sounding like Nixon.)

(Via InstaPundit, who–not surprisingly–has additional links on the subject.)