Ed Driscoll

"Smallest Bounce Ever"

Captain Ed has details about the bounce–or lack thereof–that Kerry received from the Democratic Convention:

Newsweek did some polling late this week to determine the effect of the convention for John Kerry’s candidacy. They report that even using the loosest possible polling for Democrats — adults, rather than registered voters or likely voters — that Kerry received the smallest bounce in the history of the Newsweek poll.

Captain Ed also notes:

I’d wait for Pew polling or perhaps another Gallup poll to determine the drift, if any, the convention provided Kerry. Even at that, I would guess that he’s already negated much of it with his two stumbles out of the gate on putting Osama on a trial tour and buttonholing the Marines at Wendy’s.

More at Power Line.

Meanwhile, Hugh Hewitt notes that President Bush is throwing the pigskin around in the key battleground state of Ohio.

Update: What are the previous post-convention bounces of the men who lost to the incumbent? Interesting post on FreeRepublic.com.

And speaking of Ohio, “The Corner” looks at why Kerry and Edwards and their families were in a Wendy’s in the first place.

Another Update:

While Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards, and their families were having a