Ed Driscoll

Our Tone-Deaf Media*

Ann Coulter wrote an (even for her) incredibly vitrolic column designed to run on the first day of the Democratic convention. As Ace of Spades writes:

I don’t think this Coulter’s best work. I don’t even think it’s her B-act. But that’s not the point.

The point is is that this “editor” disingenuously keeps writing “I DON’T GET IT” after each and every joke. The editor either does “get it,” or else USAToday has joined up with the United Way in some sort of Give-a-Retard-a-High-Paid-Media-Career program.

it’s an (unbelievably) safe bet that Coulter’s editor at USA Today is somewhere on the left of the political spectrum. It’s one thing to be in the tank for your team, but it’s another to not understand what sort of lingo its opposition frequently uses to deride them. It’s also another to work for a newspaper and not know recent history:

Coulter: A speaker at the Democratic National Convention this year, Al Sharpton, accused white police officers of raping and defacing Tawana Brawley in 1987, lunatic charges that eventually led to a defamation lawsuit against Sharpton and even more eventually, to Sharpton paying a jury award to the defamed plaintiff Steve Pagones. So it