Ed Driscoll

Ted, Rush, and Condi

In a press release titled “Black Group Condemns Cartoonist for Racist Strip About Condoleezza Rice“, Project 21 asks the civil rights community to join in their call to hold cartoonist Ted Rall to the same standard to which they hold Rush Limbaugh:

A July 1 comic by Rall suggests “appropriate punishments for deposed Bushists” that parodies alleged treatment of Iraqi detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison. The panel featuring Bush Administration national security advisor Condoleezza Rice has her saying “I was Bush’s beard! His house nigga. His…” She is interrupted by a character wearing a shirt reading “You’re not white, stupid” who says, “Now hand over your hair straightener.”

“Is it OK for Ted Rall to use such vile language because he’s using it against a black conservative?” asks Project 21 member Michael King. “I’m beside myself with anger over this comic.”

Project 21 is asking Universal Press Syndicate, the distributor of Rall’s comics, to immediately terminate their relationship with him. Project 21 is also asking the NAACP, the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition to make similar demands based on their past involvement in pressuring ESPN to fire radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh in 2003.

They won’t of course, and it’s far from the first time the left has displayed a double standard for Rush–or conservatives in general–and others in the media.

Dale Amon of Samizdata really hit the nail on the head a couple of years ago.