Ed Driscoll

Hugh Hewitt On Bergergate

Hewitt, fresh off an appearance on Dennis Miller’s CNBC show to promote his new book, writes:

Dennis Miller and I kicked this around on his show a couple of hours ago when we taped tonight’s program. Miller may be the smartest cable host going, and he gave me a hard time on a number of items, but he’s west coast not east coast, and resisted drawing the obvious implications. He thought there’d be no connection to Kerry at all beyond “stepping on Kerry’s story” this week in the big run-up. That effect is huge as it gives media something to talk about through the endless hours of motions and reports other than John Kerry’s Vietnam service and Theresa’s tax returns. Recall the 2000 controversy over whether “rats” appeared in hidden fashion in a Bush ad? That was a major story, and the criminal behavior of Kerry’s senior foreign policy advisor isn’t?

There’s much much more to this, as Berger’s slap-dash –at best– treatment of the nation’s secrets in a time of war again underscores the Dems’ fundamental unseriousness about national security. On issue after issue they speechify and then act irresponsibly. They attend Michael Moore premiers and change positions on Iraq weekly. There is no substance at all within their ranks, simply the manueverings of time-servers and pyramid climbers. Berger’s antics underline this Democratic habit of subordinating everything to political advantage, and I don’t think it is going to pass unnoticed by an American public that knows full well we remain in a war.

Hewitt asks a good question: “What did Kerry know [about Berger], and when did he know it?”