Ed Driscoll


Marlon Brando dead at age 80, according to this TV news site.

Via Betsy Newmark. As of 4:00 am last night (don’t ask), nobody else had any details on the Web, or on Fox, MSNBC, CNN or CNN’s Headline News.


Terry Teachout has interesting piece on Brando, placing his career into perspective without gushing over it, or the very strange life that went along with it.

UPDATE: Editor & Publisher writes:

What newspaper was first to report the unexpected death of actor Marlon Brando?

The winner, by a wide margin, appears to be the New York Post, if only in an unconfirmed manner.

In its Friday morning edition, on page 11, the Post printed a small story, with a picture of Brando from “The Godfather,” under the headline: “Brando is dead: TV report.” It cited a bulletin on the Web site of Phoenix-based KPHO-TV, of all places. The paper said police had not confirmed the death but claimed that relatives were gathering at the actor’s Los Angeles home.

Given the Internet, the blogosphere and wall-to-wall cable TV, why the condescending tone that it wasn’t AP/Reuters/UPI/NYT but a Phoenix-based TV station “of all places” that broke the story?

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