Ed Driscoll


AFTER WATCHING AL GORE FLIP OUT YESTERDAY, John Hawkins writes, “If only we could transfer the towering hate and rage left-wingers like Al Gore & Howard Dean feel towards Republicans to the terrorists who want to kill us all, our country would be better off.”


On the other hand, Byron York writes that secretly, some Republicans love it.

UPDATE: Maybe Morgan Spurlock should investigate Al’s choice of cereal in the morning. (Via Will Collier.)

ANOTHER UPDATE: Say what you will about Al, he’s a unifier, bring disparate people from all walks of life together in harmony. James Taranto writes, “give Gore credit for helping liberals and conservatives find common ground in this era of polarization”:

“It is now clear that Al Gore is insane,” writes the New York Post’s John Podhoretz. “I don’t mean that his policy ideas are insane, though many of them are. I mean that based on his behavior, conduct, mien and tone over the past two days, there is every reason to believe that Albert Gore Jr., desperately needs help. I think he needs medication, and I think that if he is already on medication, his doctors need to adjust it or change it entirely.”

Maureen Dowd of the New York Times agrees. When he delivered a speech to the far-left outfit MoveOn.org yesterday, she writes, “Mr. Gore hollered so much, he made Howard Dean look like George Pataki.” She says the erstwhile veep represents “the wackadoo wing of the Democratic Party.”


And while in the past, we’ve been no great fan of the former Vice President, we certainly agreed with his comments about Iraq–or at least those he made in 1998.

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