Ed Driscoll


IN A NEW YORK MINUTE, you can read Roger Ebert’s gloriously snarky review of the Olsen twins’ new movie, and save yourself having to sit through 91 minutes of geographically-challenged drek:

Mary-Kate Olsen plays Roxy Ryan, the sloppy girl who skips school and dreams of getting her demo tape backstage at a “punk rock” video shoot. Ashley Olsen plays Jane Ryan, a goody two-shoes who will win a four-year scholarship to Oxford University if she gives the winning speech in a competition at Columbia. Perhaps in England she will discover that the university is in the town of Oxford, and so can correct friends who plan to visit her in London. (I am sure the screenwriters knew the university was in Oxford, but were concerned that audience members might confuse “going to” Oxford and “being in” Oxford, and played it safe, since London is the only city in England many members of the audience will have heard of, if indeed they have.)

Oh, and this is great:

Because the movie all takes place during one day and Roxy is being chased by a truant officer, it compares itself to “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” It might as reasonably compare itself to “The Third Man” because they wade through sewers.

There–wasn’t that much more fun than actually seeing the film?

(Via “Hit & Run“.)