Ed Driscoll

TERESA'S TAXES: She's trying to

TERESA’S TAXES: She’s trying to keep them private; Drudge compares her situation to the “ghost of Ferraro“, who campaigned to be Walter Mondale in ’84.

Meanwhile, in Tech Central Station, Kevin Hassett looks at the loophole that her husband would introduce to reduce the taxes of companies that are organized in a particular way….like the HJ Heinz Company.

Actually, it’s great to see Senator Kerry come out in favor of cutting corporate taxes. As Hassett writes:

Most other countries have reduced their corporate tax rates sharply in recent years. The U.S. has not, and the result is that we are now one of the highest tax countries on earth.

But Kerry’s had almost 20 years in the US Senate. Why has he waited until now to even jawbone some (minor) tax cutting?