Ed Driscoll


WELL, THEY ALREADY CRASHED COLUMBIA: Nothing like having the EPA in bed with NASA and the Air Force. The EPA’s order to NASA to change the foam on the space shuttle’s external tank may very well have doomed Columbia last year.

For its next brilliant move into the final frontier, the EPA is reducing the distance our nuclear missles can fly! StrategyPage writes that he U.S. Air Force “is in the process of replacing the decades old solid fuel rockets of its 500 Minuteman III missiles”:

The last of the Minuteman III missiles will receive their new motors by 2008. It costs about $5.2 million to replace the rockets on each missile. The new rocket motors, which have to comply with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rules, will have a shorter range than the original motors.

Via James Taranto, who adds, “If nuclear missiles have to comply with EPA regulations, what about the warheads?”