Back in February, we posted:

SOUND ADVICE FROM MICHAEL GRAHAM (especially after the Torricelli and Paul Wellstone episodes in 2002): “Don’t assume you know who’s on the Democratic ticket until Election Day.”


Recently, Thomas Lifson wrote:

Keep in mind that there are still almost 200 days left before the election. There is plenty of time for second and third thoughts about Kerry, on the part of America’s non-ideological voters, and plenty for them to think over. The vetting of candidate Kerry has only just begun.

But of course, Kerry isn’t really the nominee yet. He is only the “presumptive nominee.”

So it is time to seriously wonder if the Democrats might not exercise what we can call the “Torricelli Gambit.”

“And we all know who is waiting in the wings”, Lifeson somewhat ominously adds.

In a way, it makes a bit of sense. Arnold Schwarzenegger chose the shortened time period of the recall election to announce his candidacy, rather than face the heightened scrutiny of a full campaign slog. He may very well have started a precedent. If you feel you’re popular enough to win, and have enough superstar clout to pull it off, why go through a full, bruising campaign when you can abbreviate things? Besides, your biggest attacks invariably come in October. Why not keep your bullets fresh?


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