Ed Driscoll


THE FRANK BURNS/JOHN KERRY CONNECTION, as discovered by Hugh Hewitt. I can certainly see it–Kerry’s “I don’t fall down, the son of a b*itch knocked me over” line does sounds very Burns-like, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, Hewitt writes, “We lack the information to make any comparisons between Theresa and Major Margaret “Hotlips” Houlihan, but both at least share a tendency toward outspokenness”. Hot Lips, whatever her faults, was a career Army nurse and patriot. Can’t see her ever doing this to Harry Truman or Ike.

While we’re on the subject of M*A*S*H, not too long ago, I thought Dean bore some similarities to the worst aspects of “Hawkeye” Pierce. But at least Hawkeye was cool in M*A*S*H’s early days as a TV series, and as portrayed by Donald Sutherland in the original film. With his snowboarding shtick and trying to sound hip by defending rap music, Kerry’s trying way too hard, to come across as cool.