Ed Driscoll


NOT SURPRISING: Joe Strupp of Editor & Publisher writes, “One other thing I learned about Jayson Blair from interviewing him that I haven’t seen anywhere else: He changed his name from Jason to Jayson in eighth grade, but gave no reason why. He said he did not change it legally so, in a sense, even his very name is a lie”.


UPDATE: As does this quote by Blair, the latest nominee for Andrew Sullivan’s Sontag Award:

“I could not help but think about the hurt and fear that would cause a group of men to commit suicide by flying planes into the World Trade Center buildings. Anger as a byproduct of hurt and fear was not a foreign concept to me.” – Jayson Blair, identifying with the mass-murderers of 9/11 on the day it happened, in his new book, “Burning Down My Masters’ House.”

With an attitude like that, no wonder the Times hired him!