Ed Driscoll


HUGE LOSS DETHRONES ‘KING AL’, says this New York Post headline:

The Rev. Al Sharpton’s abysmal single-digit showing last night in the New York primary left him considering dropping out of the presidential race.

Whether he continues or not, the paltry 8 percent of the vote that Sharpton received in his home state is likely to diminish his role as a local political leader, consultants told The Post.

He finished third behind John Kerry and John Edwards and couldn’t even win his base – losing the African-American vote to Kerry by a double-digit margin, according to exit polls.

Sharpton plans to meet with advisors today and decide by the end of the week whether to continue his campaign.

“Al Sharpton has failed,” said consultant Norman Adler. “He’s no longer the king of the African-American vote in New York City.”

Sharpton fell well short of the 15 percent of the statewide vote that many analysts said he needed to retain credibility.

Does this mean that we’ll be spared a repeat of disgusting scenes such as this in 2004? That’s progress for the Democrats, although they should never have pandered to Sharpton in the first place.