Ed Driscoll


GREETINGS FROM SILICON VALLEY: I’m back; flew in last night, after visiting friends and family. While I didn’t go down to the site of the WTC, New York seems to be fully recovered from its unfortunately way-too-brief fling with patriotism–much fewer American flags present these days. But on the other hand, other than seeing a couple of “STOP BUSH” signs crudely painted onto mailboxes, it didn’t seem to be complete anarchy, either. And, as Andrew Sullivan wrote, if for the left, 9/11 didn’t happen, it’s much, much harder to toss the events down the memory hole in one of the two actual cities it took place in.

I was very surprised, and quite happily so, to see a serviceman in camouflage, a beret, and carrying an M-16 standing with regular NYPD men at Penn Station. I’m not sure if that’s a daily event, or if something unusual was going on this past weekend.

More to come.