Ed Driscoll


FLIP-FLOPPING KERRY? Willing to say anything to anybody to get elected? Or is he suddenly pro-business and development?

You make the call!

UPDATE: Roger L. Simon says it’s all part of The Unified Kerry Theory. A commenter to Roger’s post says:

The Unified Kerry Theory is on a collision course with the “Fact-check their asses” theory of the blogiverse, and I’ll betcha the latter comes out the winner. If Kerry had been paying attention to New Media, he’d know that he can never get away with his flexibility, no matter what Teddy Kennedy tells him.

Or as we said a couple of days ago about the press, “I’d like to think that eventually, the left will be damaged by how easy it now is to Google, Lexus/Nexus and search the huge database that the Media Research Center has built up, to compare and contrast how they respond to Republicans versus how they respond to Democrats. Sooner or later, their hypocrisy has got to catch up with them.”