Ed Driscoll


A GREAT IDEA, UP IN SMOKE: So much for Arnold’s smoking plaza. James Taranto writes:

It seems Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not planning to tear a roof off California’s state capitol to make way for a “smoking plaza,” as the Daily Telegraph had reported (and we repeated yesterday). Sacramento Bee blogger Daniel Weintraub says the story is false: “I checked with the governor’s office. They officially confirmed: no plans for any demolition or altering of the Capitol. They have, of course, installed a donated tent, about 10 feet by 10 feet, in the center of the governor’s (pre-existing) open air courtyard. The tent looks for all the world like a smoking tent, complete with ashtrays. But Schwarzenegger aides insist on calling the shelter a ‘deal-making tent.’ “

Too bad. But maybe someone else will run with the idea.