Ed Driscoll


SMOKE ‘EM IF YOU GOT ‘EM: England’s Telegraph reports that “Cigar-loving Arnie plans a ‘smoking plaza’ at state capitol“:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, California’s cigar-smoking governor, is to tear a roof off the state capitol so that smokers can enjoy their vice inside the legislature.

The Austrian-born actor, elected governor last November, is facing protests for deciding to turn a courtyard in the building into a “smoking plaza”. It will include a drinking area. Part of the roof will be removed to get round a California law banning smoking in offices, bars and restaurants.

The governor’s spokesman, Terri Carbaugh, said he planned to be among those using the area. “It’s a more positive environment where they can all be on an equal footing, as opposed to everyone going into the governor’s office where he’s behind his desk.”

This is an amazingly common sense solution. As James Taranto wrote, “Now if only we can somehow install Schwarzenegger as mayor of New York.”