Ed Driscoll


TRADE IS A VERY, VERY GOOD THING. James Glassman (who runs Tech Central Station, to which I frequently contribute) writes that unfortunately, CNN financial anchor Lou Dobbs “and xenophobic politicians are out to kill the goose that lays our golden eggs“:

Sen. John Kerry, in his stump speech inveighs against the “Benedict Arnold CEOs [who] send American jobs overseas.”

By the way, the Kerry family business, H.J. Heinz Co. of Pittsburgh, operates 22 factories in the United States and 57 in foreign countries. I don’t think that Kerry should shut down The Heinz 57, but he might drop the rhetoric and talk about trade responsibly. He should support, not trade’s contraction, but its expansion, like George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and every president since Herbert Hoover.

I wonder if the words “Smoot-Hawley” mean anything to Kerry.

Probably not.