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NAT HENTOFF--HOSS: Hentoff writes about

NAT HENTOFF–HOSS: Hentoff writes about the American Library Association, and their pro-Castro agenda.

Hentoff’s response? In June of ’83, he received the prized ALA Immroth Award for Intellectual Freedom:

The citation reads: “For courageous and articulate advocacy of the First Amendment as an author, speaker, and activist for human rights” (June 1983).

I now publicly renounce the Immroth Award and demand that the American Library Association remove me from the list of recipients of that honor. To me, it is no longer an honor. Someone I know in the ALA, who was at the San Diego meeting, explained to me that some members of the council whispered privately that they agreed with the amendment calling for freeing the librarians but had to vote it down because they didn’t want to be vilified as being “on the wrong team.” They have put themselves in their own prison.

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