Ed Driscoll


NORV GETS THE NOD: Norv Turner, the former head coach of the Washington Redskins, and offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys for their first two Super Bowls under Jerry Jones’ ownership, is apparently the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

For the moment.

Sean Payton, the Cowboys’ current offensive coordinator, had the gig last week, but turned the Raiders down. Skip Bayless writes that Payton may have hurt his long term career by doing so. “If you’ve just turned 40 and have the opportunity to coach the Raiders, you do it for room, board and tuition”, Bayless opines, “You do, that is, if you’re tough and smart. Your dream job will probably be your next one. You’ll make your big money later”.

Turner, fired by Dan Snyder during Snyder’s first (incredibly rocky) year of ownership, is a decent head coach but a very good offensive strategist. Let’s see if he can bring some discipline to the Raiders, after the mess that cost Bill Callahan his job.