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LADY KILLERS: Mona Charen writes,

LADY KILLERS: Mona Charen writes, “Women are beginning to sign on for jihad in significant numbers, and radical Islamists are deciding that while women may not show their faces in public, they may explode their bodies in order to kill”. It’s an amazing bit of Orwellian doublethink by the jihadis–Muslim women normally must keep their faces and bodies covered up, but they can expose them via concentrated blasts of trinitrotoluene. (O’Brien would be proud.)

Charen adds that it’s ideas that cause suicide bombers, not poverty:

News events are filtered through a press in the Islamic world that is just staggeringly false and propagandistic. Conflicts in Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir, Iraq and Israel are presented as evidence of a worldwide anti-Muslim conspiracy. The most vile and idiotic slanders against Jews and Americans are presented as fact. It is the ideas in men’s minds — mad or fantastic though they may be — that move the world. And it is the battle of ideas that we must fight with every bit as much vigor as we do that on land, sea and air.

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UPDATE: I’d like to think, that much as Imperial Japan’s creation of Kamikaze squads signaled the beginning of their end, and the drafting of old men and teenagers into Hitler’s Volksturm the collapse of the Third Reich, the enlistment of women as suicide bombers is also a sign of militant Islam’s coming collapse. But it’s probably too soon to be that conclusive. And Kamikaze pilots unleashed plenty of destruction before the Japanese were vanquished in 1945.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Charles Johnson links to an Arab News article titled (and no, we’re not making this up, as Dave Barry would say), “Women Driving Cars Is a Sinful Thing”.

But women blowing them up is just honky-dory. Suuuure it is.