Ed Driscoll


There was an earthquake, 6.5 on the Richter scale, at about 11:15 in San Simeon (home of the Hearst Castle). I typically blog out of my home office in a San Jose suburb 130 miles or so away, and I definitely felt it. My office chair began to feel like it was pivoting on the joint that connects the wheels to the bottom of the chair, and then I noticed the Venetian blinds swaying a bit back and forth.

Here’s a map of the epicenter, as well as details of the quake.

UPDATE: Drudge has the police gumball on, and links to this report.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Police gumball off, but he’s doing continuous updates. Blogger’s being a bit hinkey, but it was like that before the quake, when I uploaded the post below.

A THOUGHT: Hey, this Internet thing seems to be holding up pretty good. Of course, it was designed to handle much bigger bangs than this one.

ANOTHER OTHER UPDATE: Here’s a report from the AP wire.