Ed Driscoll


FREEDOM IS SLAVERY: Orrin Judd turns conventional wisdom on its head and writes:

No belief requires greater and more repressive conformity than that every individual is entitled to their own faith. The reasons for this are twofold and rather obvious: first, any manifestation of an organized and popular belief system must be attacked, lest those who differ be made to feel so much as uncomfortable–this is variously referred to as multiculturalism, tolerance, or political correctness; second, because there are no longer any socially imposed shared behavioral standards, the State must step in and dictate and enforce its own standards. So does Ms Hunt’s imagined freedom lead inevitably to its opposite. Brits and other Europeans are no less conformist than Americans, they just conform to a belief which is so indivualistic as to make society untenable and to make statism necessary.

He’s absolutely right: individual liberty requires great personal responsibility. Just ask that sage philosopher, the late Ben Parker.