Ed Driscoll


BEHIND “ENEMY” LINES: Roger L. Simon blogs about his recent trip to France. Needless to say, things are not pretty there:

A look at this photograph I took of a Jewish school tells you a lot. Despite its almost block-length size there is no sign or name on the building, certainly no Hebrew letters or Jewish words of any kind to identify it as if it were a secret government installation or think tank. You would have no idea what it was except for a simple “College” written by one of the doors. When I stopped to take this picture, a barrel-chested man who looked like an expert in karate or krav maga, obviously a security guard, rushed out the door in seconds to see who I was, demanding to know what I was doing there. I had to repeat for him several times that I was Jew from California before he relaxed and asked me to please put away my camera. On second thought I’m not going to post the picture. Instead I will post this–the graffiti in the sidewalk all over the 13th Arrondisment where this school was located.

The French Jewish culture, which gave our world, among so many others, Modigliani, Soutine, Chagall, Proust, Bergson and Serge Gainsbourg may soon be gone.

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