Ed Driscoll


THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING! THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!! Err, that is unless it reflects badly on “peaceful” protestors, in which case they’ll beat up the cameramen recording them.

Of course, Evan Coyne Maloney’s example is far from the first example of this occurring. On the Thursday in March during the week that war in Iraq first broke out, I posted:

I’M WITH STOOOPID: KTVU just mentioned that a protestor took a swipe at one of their cameramen.

Err, guys, TV is on your side–they live for those images! You don’t want to upset them.

UPDATE (3:30 PM): Ken Wayne of KTVU just mentioned some looting occurred today, possibly connected with the protesting. There’s a shock!

Wayne also mentioned that a number of the protestors are “upset with the type of coverage they’re receiving”. They certainly shouldn’t be upset with the quantity of coverage they’re receiving, however.

And yet, apparently they are.