LIFE'S TOUGH: "Schwarzenegger' Hard on

LIFE’S TOUGH: “Schwarzenegger’ Hard on Headline Writers“.

The article quotes Dave Tepps, deputy managing editor of the San Jose Mercury News, as saying that the paper is opposed to just calling Schwarzenegger “Arnold”, because the first-name reference is not appropriate for a serious story, in Tepps’ opinion.


I’m pretty sure that it was the Merc that I’d pass by on the newstands during the recall election, that often referred to Arnold as “The Actor” in their headlines, as in “ACTOR SAYS DAVIS CAR TAX TOO HIGH”, or whatever. I can only assume they were trying to tie him in with another fellow from Hollywood who won two terms as California’s governor–and then another two terms of elected office somewhere else.

Like I said, I’m pretty sure that was the Merc, but it may have been the San Francisco Chronicle. In either case though, I’m sure they thought of it as a pejorative title for Schwarzenegger, though.


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