THE PHONE CALL: Reading the

THE PHONE CALL: Reading the chats that John Hawkins found (see post directly below this one), brought back to me how 9/11 started for Nina and I, with “a sudden Proustian rush”, as Woody Allen once quipped. At about 6:45 am that terrible day, when we were both still fast asleep, the phone rang. A friend of ours from England (who would later become known to many of you as “Group Captain Mandrake“) was on the other end calling from England, where it was 2:45 in the afternoon:


GC: Sorry to wake you up at this time.
Nina: [yawning] Hi, what’s up?
GC: Turn on your TV.
Nina: What station?
GC: Any station, it doesn’t matter!

Like JFK’s assassination, the failed assassination on President Reagan, and the Challenger and Columbia disasters, everyone will be able to immediately answer “where were you on 9/11”, for the rest of their lives–no matter how much the media wants to move on.


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