Ed Driscoll


THE PERFECT TARGET: Dave Barry asks, “Can California out-doofus Florida? Let’s wait for the recount”:

I came out here to California because I’ve been reading disturbing reports that my state, Florida, is about to lose the coveted title of “The Doofus State,” which we Floridians worked so hard to win following the 2000 presidential election by not being able to figure out whom we voted for. We have been the Doofus State for just two lousy years, and now these greedy Californians, who had the title for decades, are trying to get it back.

I regret to say that they have an excellent shot. The political situation out here is very bad.

Q. How bad is it?

A. One of the saner-sounding people involved is Larry Flynt.

Read the rest–when it comes to poking holes in the doofus state (right or left coast version), Mr. Barry is most definitely in his milieu.