Ed Driscoll

NICE SATURDAY: My wife and

NICE SATURDAY: My wife and I spent much of the day getting errands done–not the least of which was dropping my 15 year-old Fender Telecaster off at the shop for a refret and 500,000 mile tune-up. It’s an amazing guitar–the first commercially produced solidbody electric, and in commercial production since 1950. It’s basically a hunk of wood with strings, two pickups and a quarter-inch jack, but it’s been played by everybody in rock, country and blues: Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Merle Haggard, Albert Lee, Eric Clapton, etc., etc. You name the guitarist–he’s probably played a Tele.

I played mine in college, in my old rock group. I can’t wait to have it back for another 500,000 miles of service.