Ed Driscoll


WELL, THAT DIDN’T LAST TOO LONG DID IT? Hollywood is set to release Buffalo Soldiers, a 2001 film starring Joaquin Phoenix and Ed Harris about “enlisted man running a profitable drugs and stolen goods business out of an Army base”.

According to the Internet Movie Database, the film debuted at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8, 2001. Not surprisingly, it was shelved after 9/11. But obviously, as this film, and the military bashing in The Hulk demonstrate, the brief moratorium in the war against “the Red States” (AKA, the people who buy the tickets) by Hollywood is over.

By the way, Phoenix’s biography on the IMDB says:

Once refused to wear shoes during a photo shoot for Prada because they were made out of leather.

He is a strict vegan and will not wear costumes made out of animal skin.

Are army boots still made out of leather? How did Mirimax work around this issue with their temperamental star?