THE NEW L-WORD: Last week

THE NEW L-WORD: Last week Ronald Bailey of Reason noted that John Kerry was quoted in June 16 & 23 issue of The New Yorker as saying, “The Bush Administration agenda isn’t conservative Republicanism, and it’s not radical Republicanism–it’s extreme libertarianism.”


Bailey asked:

Two thoughts: (1) Bush a libertarian? What’s Kerry been smoking?

(2) Among Democrats, is “libertarianism” now a demonizing term that is the moral equivalent to “card carrying ACLU member” for Republicans?

Apparently so. Because check out this ad hominem attack from Gephardt aide Erik Smith, digging his boss ever-deeper into the ground after his executive order gaffe:

“The fact that this question comes from libertarian law professors should speak for itself”

I wonder if the new L-word has been focus group tested recently for its negative connotations among soccer moms? If so, expect to see it dropped quite a bit into speeches and rebuttals.


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