Ed Driscoll


MRC’s Brent Baker writes, “In a 2,700 word article on neoconservatives with ties to the Bush administration, this week’s Newsweek applied the ‘neoconservative’ label an amazing 25 times, or nearly once every 100 words, the MRC’s Tim Graham observed. And that’s not counting the ‘neocon’ in the story’s headline, which would bring the total to 26.”

It’s kind of ironic that neocons have become the new boogie men for the left wing, in just a few short months. In December, during the Trent Lott scandal, Jonah Goldberg was complaining that a Charles Krauthammer column “reinforces an unfair liberal slander that only ‘neoconservatives’ are fully moral and serious conservatives.”

But then, this isn’t the first time in the past eight months or so that the left has turned on a dime.